One of our favorite developers, Granted Software, has joined up with another of our favorite developers, plasq.
Granted is the developer of apps like Rax, a terrific AU host, Still
Life, a cool program for creating custom moving slide shows, Midiclock
MIDI synchronizer, an experimental LAN-based MIDI app called iMIDI, and
ReVision, a ReWire QuickTime player.

Rax is a must-have tool, with a lovely interface designed by CDM reader atariboy,
and plasq says it has now moved to their site.
Some of Granted's other apps, like ReVision, haven't been updated much lately and
thus aren't compatible with new OSes, so hopefully we'll see new
developments from plasq (quote from their website: "expect a lot." We'll watch this one
closely; sometimes the best stuff for music-making comes out of small, independent developers. Check out downloads.