Following up on yesterday's report on using Dance Dance Revolution pads with your computer for music, we've got more on PSmaX from its creator. PSmaX is an applet developed in Max/MSP that lets you hook any PlayStation controller to your Mac or PC via USB. Here's Mike Chames:

The input in PSmaX is handled through  the Max/MSP
'hi' (or human interface) object.  Whilst it has been in beta
production for some years (by others in the Max/MSP community), it was
included as a standard object with the release of Max/MSP v4.5.1.

The Joytech Dual PS2-to-USB Converter that PSmaX uses supports many
different types of controllers (including the fishing rod thingy?!),
these can be setup (easily) on the packaged Joytech driver on Windows
XP (Mac OS X does not require this driver, just the device).

I've only managed to test a few controllers so far with PSmaX, but I
add that due to the hardware side of PSmaX, it tends to favor official
Sony, or Joytech products.

Thanks, Mike! And thanks, Chris @ Pixelsumo
who's in the Medialab Arts course with Mike. If you're ready to play,
hit Google and eBay and look for "ps2 fishing rod" and "ps2-to-usb."