Nine Inch Nails aren’t the first band to release their tracks in a remix-friendly digital format. If Umixit had their way, you’d see all kinds of music released this way. Umixit ships song with individual isolated tracks; you get 8 tracks by default but can upgrade to 16. Then you can mix and mash using the Umixit Media Mixer, powered by Cakewalk. (Meaning you need Windows 2000/XP. But why do I have a feeling the Media Mixer doesn’t look a whole lot like SONAR?) According to Umixit, this “allows the average person to share the studio recording experience with an actual recording artist.” (So I can charge $600 an hour?)

Watch this get a whole lot more lame. Sounds like you’re limited in what you can add (what, no banjo?), and so far, the artists involved number only 5. One of them is Aerosmith.

Remix-friendly albums sound terrific, but the mainstream hasn’t quite caught on yet. So, independent artists, it’s up to us to lead the way.