Gyms and sports clubs: they stock up on gear so you don’t have to. Pay a membership fee, show up, use their stuff, leave. No wonder the idea is popular in New York, where our apartments barely fit “luxuries” like, you know, beds. Now the idea is coming to music making, says Remix Transmissions.

Yes, the Soundnasium Sound Lab will be stocked with audio gear you can use on a membership basis and classes to teach you how to use it. The studio will feature the likes of “MPCs, Reason, and Pro Tools” says the press release — what, no Buchla 200e? No digital accordions?

Joking aside, this does look cool.
Since these guys sent PR to Remix and not to me, I’ll just have to hang around Union Square on the May 6 opening. (Hey, if you’re there, DJ slash CEO Sean Anderson, email me!)

Now, here’s the next suggestion: go further. I want to take a class in Cardio FM Synthesis and Loop-Based Performance Yoga. At least, I hear that’s a great way to meet babes.