Apple’s not going to take legal action on this one.

Think Secret breathlessly reports a “new Apple display” and goes onto report “While the description notes that “the broken line drawing of a portion of a display screen is for illustrative purposes only and forms no part of the claimed design,” it’s still rather difficult to figure out what sort of display Apple is envisioning here.”

Let me explain, Think Secret.

The “broken line drawing of a portion of a display screen” is a decorative border around the illustration. And any Logic Pro user will tell you in an instant that the display shown is none other than Apple’s innovative UI for the Sculpture instrument. This is a softsynth, not a hardware display. Brilliant? Yes. Patentable? Sure. New? Well, a lot of us have been using it since October. (Thanks to regular CDM informant Elle for the tip.)

Now what disappoints me is, Think Secret notes the creators come from (drum roll) Delaware (screams of horror) rather than California. I always thought the Apple/Emagic interfaces looked Cardassian. Then again, maybe the creators Markus Sapp, Henning Rogge, and Thomas Sauer are just the human fronts for the alien underground. Aliens would pick Delaware, wouldn’t they . . .