In college, I had access to a studio (where I later taught for a year), with a crazy collection of vintage instruments: ARP, ElectroComp, Moog Modular, Buchla 100 Series, Minimoog, and Memory Moog. You could even cross-patch between Buchla and Moog. Did it help with music making? Er . . . sure. At least it was a hell of a lot of fun.

That’s the spirit behind Arturia’s new Vintage Collection, which packs their four software emulations of vintage synths — the ARP 2600 V, the Minimoog V, the CS-80 V and the Moog Modular V — into one box. Price is US$169-649 (EUR 149-555) depending on how much Arturia kit you already own. Arturia’s done a great job on these, particularly the Moogs, so while even Dr. Bob himself says there’s no substitute for the real thing, if you like the economy and portability of software this is the way to go. Betcha there will be at least one Arturia siting at Moogfest.

PS — the brilliant pictured comic comes to us by way of toothpaste for dinner, a bizarre but fabulous site of drawings and music. (full version in case your popups aren’t working)