[Updated:] Check out the new QuartzComposer blog; I’ll be reading! -PK

I looked earlier this week at Quartz Composer, an interactive eye candy development tool that not only creates slick RSS newsfeed screensavers, but even allows audio and MIDI input and outputs MIDI control, perfect for live performance and VJing.

Developer Pierre-Olivier Latour has posted an extensive description of Quartz Composer at VJCentral. Quartz Composer is in fact a descendent of the now-defunct PixelShox, a free tool with a cult online following that is now unsupported. But there’s no need to shed tears for PixelShox: Quartz Composer is a completely different product, a major leap forward taking advantage of OS X Tiger’s new Core Image features.

Bottom line: Quartz Composer is free in Tiger and just another reason to upgrade. All you need to do to get it is install the developer tools from the OS X installation DVD — you were going to install it anyway, right? Go check out VJ Central for the full links, and stay tuned for more QC info here in the coming weeks.