Reader reports on Tiger continue to come in; I’ll continuously update the CDM Tiger Report as they do, so check early and often!

So far, experiences with Tiger have been very positive. I haven’t heard any horror stories from CDM readers, though as usual, you’ll want to double-check your hardware compatible. Notably compatible: MOTU hardware, PowerCore DSP hardware, most software. Notably incompatible: Pro Tools (as expected), and some M-Audio devices (though others appear to work fine). We’ve also seen some major new features for music, including the ability to network MIDI over TCP/IP, better device handling, and the cool graphic/MIDI/audio toy Quartz Composer. Apple says it’s “for building advanced screensavers” but looks like there’s more there, possibly related to the now-defunct Pixelshox; more on this soon.

Bargain Tiger

So, if you haven’t ordered it yet, what’s the cheapest way to get Tiger? The best deal I’ve seen yet so far is from, where Tiger is US$94.99 after a US$30 mail-in rebate. Of course, if you have student/faculty credentials, your best bet is the Apple Store for the academic price of US$69.99. Both have free shipping, and by clicking on our links you support CDM. (Come on, do it: maybe I can finally hire an Web designer!) Links:

OS X Tiger from the Apple Store (with free online Tiger seminar from Apple)

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger at ($30 rebate)