When Digital Goes Acoustic: Unplugged Mario Cover

While the 8-bit music crowd are reimagining Kraftwerk as covered by Game Boys (more on that soon), 8-bit is getting its own acoustic treatment. No, not that dude who plays a Mario Brothers medley on the piano (though adding the blindfold is a bit kinky). One-man band Jason Cox last week took Super Mario World […]

Review: Edirol PCR-M1 Ultra-slim Keyboard

Backpack digital musicians seeking even more portability, the PCR-M1 remains the holy grail of thin keyboards. CDM’s own Lee Sherman gives Edirol’s keyboard-on-a-diet a pin to see if you’ll miss the extra inches and pounds. -PK Musicians looking for a MIDI Keyboard Controller are spoilt for choice these days, with controllers for everyone from DJs […]

Peter Kirn - June 21, 2005

Good Reading: Choosing and Using MIDI Controllers

Jim Aikin, one of the all time great wizards of synth and electronic music tech writing, has a terrific two-part series on O’Reilly Digital Media on choosing and using MIDI controllers: (1) Look Ma—Hands! Choosing and Using MIDI Controllers (2) Bring Your MIDI Music to Life This is a must-read story for beginners, but it […]

Peter Kirn - June 21, 2005

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