Mailbag Monday: Mastering on SONAR instead of Pro Tools

Pierre Hilaire writes: Thank you for taking my e-mail. I am a Recording Engineer who has [Cakewalk] SONAR Producer Edition Software. Can I Master songs on SONAR? I know the ideal mastering tool is Pro Tools, but how about SONAR? This sounded like an important opportunity to correct some common misinformation — namely, that Pro […]

Hunting the Drum Buddy and Miss Pussycat

We’re going to need a “Where are they now?” edition for bizarre instrument design projects. Case in point: the Drum Buddy. Reader “fer” writes, succinctly, “wassup with this?” The answer, fer, is wassup indeed. This strange light-powered instrument had its fifteen seconds of fame on the Music Thing blog last summer, but its whereabouts now […]

Peter Kirn - June 27, 2005

Ecler NUO4 DJ Mixer IS Mac-compatible

Good news, Mac fans. The Ecler NUO4 DJ mixer we covered last week in fact has Mac software, according to Ecler. That means you can easily assign the NUO4’s fabulous MIDI-capable knobs to whatever you want. This thing is seriously drool-worthy for Ableton Live and Native Instruments Traktor DJ, among others, so I hope I […]

Peter Kirn - June 27, 2005

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