CDM’s man in San Fran, Lee Sherman, is on-hand at the WWDC keynote to bring us the latest. We’ll know if there’s anything music-related, or anything related to an upcoming apocalypse (like Apple’s switching to Intel, or pre-installing Windows, or Dell is pre-installing OS X, or Apple is marking all machines with the mark of the beast or something.) And we’re not just copying and pasting from IRC — you can expect our usual spin and distortion.

It’s like you’re there: Hit reload on your browser for the latest. And, for the full keynote effect, get several thousand friends, about 1/2 huddled over their laptops, onto uncomfortable chairs in an auditorium.

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Biggest WWDC ever, with 3800 in attendance.

iPod is a hit: 76% market share of the player market, 82% of online sales, and a New Yorker cover.

Podcasting: Steve calls podcasting “Wayne’s World for radio.” 8,000 podcasts, and not just amateurs.

Podcasting will be built into the next version of iTunes. iTunes Music Store to have its own directory of podcasts, and Apple will have a New Music Tuesday podcast of its own.

QuickTime 7 for Windows: Available today.

Leopard is coming: Yes, the next Mac OS will be called Leopard, and will coincide with Longhorn

IT’S TRUE . . . APPLE + INTEL: Apple will get a “brain transplant”; the developer kit will include a 3.6G Pentium 4 chip in a Mac. $999, developers only. Developer tools should help ease the transition; Apple’s software will run immediately on the new platform, but some “tweaks” will be required for other apps. See CDM’s separate story, also being updated live during the keynote.

Who’s onboard: Microsoft (Office and Messenger), Adobe.

Jobs wrap-up: “We know transitions.” Something about yin and yang. Uh . . . okay, I’m not into this California mentality, so I’ll leave that alone.

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