By the end of the day today, we’re either going to have Intel-powered Macs or the paper of record is going to come off looking like an aimless rumor site. The New York Times technology headline yesterday was Apple Plans to Switch From I.B.M. to Intel for Chips. Not Apple might switch or is rumored to switch — as the bloggers hedge about rumors, the gray lady is proclaiming the whole thing a done deal.

How does the New York Times know? While Apple is pursuing legal action against bloggers for reporting the details of a non-shipping audio interface, this particular leak comes from “industry executives informed of the decision.” That adds to reports from CNet and The Wall Street Journal.

So, let me get this straight: a non-shipping USB audio interface is earth-shaking information that could interfere with Apple’s ability to compete. Trivial details like switching to an entirely new processor for the entire Mac line? That’s okay, go ahead and talk to the press about that before an official statement. (Okay, potentially what this means is that security is zipped up tight at Apple but not at IBM and Intel.)

Anyway, enough: my favorite headline is that Apple is switching to delicious Sun Chips-brand snacks. (via TUAW)