Gleetchlab is a new freeware sound design tooklit, which the creators say will let you “create and manipulate drones, glitches and amazing digital noises with few mouse clicks.” Okay, disclaimer: CDM does not endorse making bad glitch music. The tools do look like fun, though (faders are a dead giveaway that this is a Max/MSP creation):

“four stereo loopable wave readers/writers with different random loop point algorithms, one wavetable
oscillator, ectoplasm generator, a sonic reducer, 3/4/5 bands parametric EQ, an amazing sonic disgregator, a granular
re-synthesis engine, a 512 points convolver, a ring modulator, a 5 stereo tracks mixer with opto compressor/limiter,
VST plugins implementation and a friendly spectrogram/sonogram/oscilloscope/ phase-scope analizer,
as well as 2 stereo audio inputs to process several exernal sources.”

And, of course it’s free. The creators also trumpet that it has no midi sync, sequencing or timeline. In other words, beats beware: the avant-garde only need apply. I think I’ll stick to my own avant-garde arsenal, but let me know what you think of it if you give it a go. (via Synthtopia)