In other Macintel news:

What about Windows? Developer contacts tell CDM that they think in fact you’ll be able to run Windows apps alongside Mac apps, a la Xwindows. Just don’t expect a dual-boot machine; that would require Apple’s involvement (and they won’t go there.) And, of course, you’ll lose the advantages of the Mac UI that are the reason you use the thing in the first place. (Now, will we see Audio Units for Windows? Hmm . . .) But for intrepid users, you can bet you’ll see this happen. Project5 on Mac, anyone?

All about Xcode: One anonymous developer source also indicates Mac developers will probably have to move to Xcode. This could be very bad news indeed for small music developers. Stay tuned for details. Slashdot agrees (but you’re musicians, so spare yourself the 7,000,000 comments likely over there).

Rhapsody on Pentium: Think this is news? Check this screenshot of Rhapsody on Pentium in the early Apple-NeXT days.

So, for developers, lots of questions. For the rest of us, we just plug on . . . and Mac users will probably want to delay purchases for a while, honestly. (Unless you’re thinking about a G5 machne. They’re great. Go for it.)