[Updated: Originally thought to have Windows-only software, Ecler assures us the editing app is cross-platform after all.]

We’ve been waiting for the Ecler NUO4 DJ mixer since April (see our May profile). Why is this DJ mixer exciting? Aside from being top-notch kit from Ecler, meaning it should feel and sound great, this is a mixer that’s totally hip to MIDI control, with complete software configuration for easy integration with software. It should appeal to computer-based DJs and laptop musicians alike. You can configure up to 72 MIDI messages using the free Control 4 Lab software (included), and even label what you’ve done with handy custom magnetic labels.

New updated Ecler NUO4 site

Pricing: $750 USD/$1000 CAD list (similar in Europe)

Hit ‘read more’ for full specs . . .

  • 4+1 stereo channels
  • Balanced output
  • 2 master levels for booth monitoring
  • Extra large ergonomic EQ knobs

  • Bass Off switches
  • FX send in pre and post fader mode
  • Fully assignable crossfader
  • Fader and crossfader shape adjustments
  • Reverse and cut-in-time for scratch performance
  • 72 MIDI control messages with the combination of 4 rotary and push knobs, 4 switches, a 3 position layout and an A/B bank selector. All controls can be assigned to the functions of your choice.

  • Magnetic flexible labelling system that allows you to personalize your mixer and control settings
  • Software Control 4 Lab included for programming MIDI controls
  • USB and MIDI ports

  • Suitable for the Eternal magnetic crossfader (Ed: I’ve heard there’s a rabid cult that worships the Eternal Magnetic Crossfader and waits for the second coming of the Great Almighty Effects Send. But that could be just a rumor. -PK)

  • There’s a free download of the software, but the link at press time was Windows-only.

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