So the iDJ is real and shipping by Christmas, eh?

As regular readers know, this site was host to some seriously annoyed turntablists and hardcore DJs when we first carried word of an iPod DJ mixer. (Ironically, the original scoop was on a vinyl-centric site.)

But now that the iDJ may actually be here, I think the reaction was probably overblown. Sure, without scratch capability you can’t do any serious DJing with iPods. Then again, few CD-based DJs can match a talented turntablist; like any other art form, DJing has its masters and its novices. And for the CDM audience, we have two reasons not to dismiss this mixer outright:

Good backup system: It’s nice to have a backup system around — and I wouldn’t mind presenting with this, thanks to S-Video support for the iPod Photo!

Good for parties: Those of you who are DJing the odd party and bar mitzvah, this should be fine. I’m guessing you’re not tearing up vinyl when you do that, or even using software like Traktor or Ableton Live.

Bitchin’ dock: Here’s where I come in: this is an admittedly cool way to run your iPods at home. Leave behind those various lame docks, and plug right into your stereo — completely with photo slide shows and a cross-fader. It’s just the kind of snobby, geeky extravagence I love.

So what’s your take? (Oh, fine, rant if you like.)