Nothing sounds sweeter than a software bug resolved. Apple Soundtrack Pro 1.0.1 includes major enhancements (see review info; update from Apple).

You’d swear Apple knew Macworld‘s production deadlines when they updated all of the Final Cut Studio apps last week, just on the eve of reviews of those products. Since it didn’t make sense to discuss these changes in the context of a review, let me say briefly, if you or other early Soundtrack Pro adopters had issues with version 1.0, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by 1.0.1.

Version 1.0.1 fixes a number of issues with Soundtrack Pro related to saving and Final Cut integration. Most significantly, STP no longer saves self-contained video in the audio file, which could quickly balloon file size and degrade performance. You can send files between FCP and STP multiple times. Included render files also improve compatibility. This and a number of other fixes mean that FCP/STP integration, which was buggy at best using Final Cut 5.0 and Sountrack Pro 1.0, are now working well in 5.0.2/1.0.1.

One quick tip: since Soundtrack Pro files include render files of each change, non-destructive edits can lead to really big projects, so you’ll want to flatten actions you don’t need any more.

Other folks out there aside from me using this application? How’s it working for you?