Windows users have been begging me for more coverage, but here’s one for the Apple crowd, nonetheless:

Apple has updated both its iBook and Mac Mini. The across-the-board change is more RAM: Finally, every Mac they sell comes with 512MB of RAM. (They don’t deserve any slap on the back for that; the previous RAM configurations were a crime against humanity — though, of course, upgrading yourself is cheaper, anyway.) CDM suggests 1 GB if you can do it, especially if you’re a sample library fan.

In Mac Mini news, you can now upgrade to built-in wireless and DVD burning. The Mac Mini is the interactive art installation guru’s dream, and it remains a good model.

The iBook announcement is the bigger news. iBookers now get better graphics cards, and standard extras from the PowerBook line like built-in wireless, motion sensor, and scrolling trackpad. PCs may appear to be cheaper, and I’m a fan of the Pentium M, but I will say this: Apple doesn’t cut corners. If you’ve been waiting to buy a portable and don’t mind missing out on the big PowerBook screens, your iBook has arrived.

So, Apple, where are our updated PowerBooks? There’s not a whole lot in the PB to justify the big jump in price. And what will happen to the PowerBook line while we wait for Intel chips? I hope Apple comes up with a price cut next month (in time for back-to-school and holiday buying), or I think they’ll see their PowerBook sales sag. (Previous sales history bears out this prediction.)