Okay, CDM readers. We’ve got a dual challenge this week: what headphones are perfect for gigging, perfect for DJing, and make a perfect birthday present? Reader-turned-CDM columnist atariboy writes:

I am looking for some good headphones for my girlfriends (jemgirl) birthday later this week. Around the $100 mark. Will be used for DJing/gigging. The Sony mdrv700dj’s seem to fit the bill. What else should I look into? Thanks! -atariboy

I was going to suggest the Sony headphones, assuming you want the DJ-style design. (If not, there are plenty of classic headphones, like the Sennheiser HD280s; I’ve used my Sennheisers on a gig.) If you can get a deal on them, the Pioneer HDJ-1000 models are terrific; see Jason O’Grady’s piece on them for CDM.

So, what do you think, fair readers? Headphones ideal for yourself AND your significant other? (Too bad my birthday’s in January . . .)