October 3-5 Tampa will play host to a massive Computer DJing Summit, complete with training for DJs, VJs, and KJs. (KJ = karaoke; thanks, jachee. Too bad; I hoped it meant spinning Kraft Mac-and-Cheese.) There’s even certified credit for would-be computer DJs.

This isn’t an entirely new event; a Summit was held in my hometown Louisville, Kentucky in 2003. Here’s where things get a little strange, though — it sounds like Microsoft is trying to break into DJing: “Microsoft took a serious look into computer DJing during a Summit held at Microsoft’s Redmond-Seattle main compound attended by Grandmaster Flash, Roger Sanchez, Sandra Collins, Tony Touch, Dj Krush, Dj Cheb, I Sabbah, and others on February 9-11 2004.”

Microsoft and Grandmaster Flash? Strange. In the meantime, MS’ whole DJ “strategy” seems to center on their crossfader site, which hasn’t gotten any updates since it was launched. I think we’re safe. And for its part, this even caters to Mac and PC alike; there’s even a Mac-centric seminar.

Anyway, while the Microsoft connection is vague, computer DJing is hot as ever. Training for DJs and VJs and “water balloon volleyball”? Any chance these guys want to buy me a plane ticket out there?