G’day, pleased to meet you – This is the first installation of ‘dithered is the new black’, a weekly column about all the great music one can find online – usually for free. I’m atariboy. (Cris Pearson in ‘real life’) I make music (see atariboy.com) and design software
(see plasq.com).

Lets get to it . . . Starting with an all time fave of mine, I found this compilation a couple of years ago and has remained a consistent listener since. Mellow electronic with some
‘indie’ and
thrown in and lots of yummy melodies. Grab Electronikshire at
IUMA. You’ll find more info at the Electronikshire homepage, but the mp3 links are broken so use the IUMA link to download. (Read more)

I’m a regular on em411.com so I listen to a lot of music from the people there. Two of those people, fell and
aem (another
electronic musician) have released on the net label, en:peg. Fell’s release is a spaced out dub jazz experiment. Very deep, full of layers
and plenty of head nodding moments. aem’s creation, ‘decompose’ is a long,
1hour 18minute, seamless blend of clicks, ambient textures and slow melody.
Minimal and beautiful. Both these are available for only $2 a pop, as are all en:peg releases — thoroughly worth it too. aem also has a free EP on the great net label, Hippocamp.
Grab that via Archive.org. Expect his new full length, ‘use’ on the n5md label
in October.

Also, you might want to have a stab at en:peg’s remix
— score an iPod mini if you win. Hurry, though — the contest ends July 15.

Finally, you can get em411 members releases as a podcast RSS

That should keep you busy 🙂

Now it would be silly to think just one
person could find all the great online music, so please send me links that
you think I should
check out. See you next week.

Ed: Thanks, Cris — really looking forward to this column over the coming weeks! And in the meantime, thanks for all the new listening. Readers, let us know what you think! Use the contact editor form to send us music you think Cris might want to cover and I’ll make sure he gets your message. -PK