I’m sad to have learned, as did the mailing list of SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic Music US), that the esteemed Dr. Robert Moog is ill. We heard this unfortunate news via an announcement at Moogfest here in New York last month; Dr. Moog sent his regrets as he was unable to travel and attending to his condition. An email apparently not intended for public consumption hit the SEAMUS mailing list this evening with a guestbook intended for family. Outpouring was such that that site had to be closed to the public. In respect to their wishes to keep this matter private, and since this story may soon be disseminated online, I think it’s best to keep Dr. Moog, his family, and friends in thoughts and prayers. If any public announcement is made, I’ll pass it along. To all family and friends, we’re thinking of you.