First off, if you’re on the Mac, avoid installation of the new Finale 2006 notation software unless you’ve checked the following support information. The installer can delete a significant number of application preference files, not only Finale but other apps in your Library folder. It’s not going to make your computer blow up or anything like that, and there is a workaround and fix, but it is something you should be aware of. Shipments have been delayed so a fixed upgrade CD can be shipped. (Details from Make Music after the jump) Bottom line, as usual: with any notation or other critical software, backup before upgrading.

This may not be the only issue with the Finale 2006 upgrade. Dave’s waste of bandwidth, a blogger and (ironically) Finale beta tester, is reporting other issues, including with the Garritan orchestral library. Big upgrades rarely come without headaches, but that doesn’t make them less frustrating when they happen. (CDM can’t report on every bug in every app, of course, but this one seemed worth noting.) Details of the Mac issue — hit read more.

Disclaimer: I feel obligated to spread this just to make sure that other people don’t unleash this installer on a system unknowingly. (I almost did; I’ve got upgrade CDs sitting right by my computer.) To the credit of the developers of Finale, they’re acting on this as quickly as possible and are being open with users. Any issue that extends beyond a single app as this does merits some reporting, especially if we can help prevent an issue with a product previously mentioned on the site. And if this doesn’t convince you, back up preference files — you can often replace preferences, but you’ll save time with a backup.

From a MakeMusic support mailing:


Dear Finale Macintosh User,

Due to a problem in the Finale installer, IMPORTANT USER FILES MAY BE DELETED
precaution is taken.

BEFORE INSTALLING FINALE, navigate to the [current user]/Library/Application
Support folder and delete the folder named MakeMusic.

[Note that the MakeMusic folder appears here ONLY if you’ve previously installed

The above step ensures your User/Library/Application Support folder is not
deleted during installation. This folder contains user preference files for some
applications. Please note this problem does not occur with any Finale for
Windows installations.

We will be sending you updated installation discs, at our expense, that do not
require this additional step.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you and
let us know if you have any questions.

Ah, yes, that inspires confidence. I’ll update you with more news if I hear it — hope this all gets sorted quickly.