While we’re on the subject of visualizers, Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox 360 console will be preloaded with a trippy music visualizer game. Unlike the iTunes visualizer, it’ll be completely interactive, too. Inspired by the 1984 game Psychedelia, Neon is a visualizer for the year 2005. Check out the interview with creator Jeff Minter of UK developer LlamaSoft. (Betcha they’re Python fans.) Via Joystiq. This fits with Microsoft’s strategy of making the Xbox 360 a music hub, as reported here previously (see that link for what composers think of the new console).

New visualizers won’t just be trippier: they’ll be able to take advantage of new physics models. Joystiq also has the scoop on a new SDK for developing real-world physics, and Chris points out some slick PlayStation 3 demos involving water. 3D music creation interfaces? Wild new music games and visualizers? You bet.