You think you know 80s flashbacks? Not unless you’ve met Jemgirl. This Australian-based DJ/digital musician is hardcore enough to be recreating tunes from the rock cartoon Jem. (Still not ringing any bells? You know, truly, truly outrageous? Yeah — that Jem, my fellow late-20-somethings.) Jemgirl isn’t alone, either: she’ll be spinning Jem tunes, 80s music, Commodore 64 remixes, and em411 member creations at a conference devoted to Jem:

Jemcon (no, really — coming up in Minneapolis)
Jemgirl’s original release on em411, “in the key of The Misfits” (there’s a phrase you don’t hear often)
Jemgirl remakes music from the cartoon: Alone Again, Falling in Love with a Stranger (both of these speak to my personal experience, too . . .)
Jemgirl lends vocals to one of my favorite Game Boy musicians, Trash80

What’s that? That’s not nearly enough 80s nostalgia for you? You, my friend, need to book tickets now for the My Little Pony Fair. (You may see Sibelius graphic designers, too.)

Thanks, Jemgirl, and an early happy birthday to you!