Updated – Numark confirmed the story, and expects volume shipments to begin in September. See the updated story. -PK

GearJunkies reports that Numark has released the rumored DJ mixer for the iPod. (Updated: Looks like the original link is on the Spanish site Abizu, linked on Engadget.) Some juicy details:

Big controls for iPod scroll wheel and transport buttons

Ins and outs for connecting other gear (like, say, a turntable?

2-channel mixer, 3-band EQ

USB connection to Mac/PC; full docking support

S-Video out for iPod Photo

Recording support (in iPod)

Pricing/availability: Reportedly US$399 (!) / third quarter
CDM 5 words: Beware bad iPod DJ hacks.

Do I want one? Yes, please. I’m not planning to iPod DJ any time soon, but you know this is the only way to dock your iPods at home.

See previous coverage on CDM, complete with lots of people ranting. Shining, angry people. Really angry. Can you hold off from the rants this time, folks?

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