CDM’s 5 words: Super simple sampler to go.

You’ve heard the online rumors; now this portable sampler is official. A sequel to Roland’s hit SP-303 sampler, the new model has more voices, more pads, more memory, and now runs on batteries. Basic specs:

Simple recording: Built-in mic. CD-quality sound, or switch to “Low-Fi mode”, whatever that means.

Digital storage: CompactFlash slot, and WAV/AIF import and export.

Pattern sequencing: 24 patterns of up to 99 measures each in the internal memory, more if you record to CF.

Effects: Apply effects to your samples, or to live audio input (meaning this acts as a live FX box, too). Subsonic, BPM Looper, DJFX Looper, reverb, flanger, delay, Voice Transformer, distortion, filter, Slicer, Isolator, Vinyl Simulator, etc.

Pricing/availbility: Unknown.

Do I want one? Yes!