One of the best things about the Mac is Logic, true — and one of the best things about Windows is Cakewalk SONAR. This powerful workstation is gaining some serious tracktion in the pro recording market. Home versions had been lagging behind, though, which is why these announcements make good news from Boston. (Not good news on the scale of those painful 17 runs by the Sox against the Yankees, but you get the idea.):

4.03 Maintenance update: It’s not SONAR 5 yet, but it is SONAR 4 with much improved audio performance. (More)

Home Studio 4: Home Studio and Home Studio XL have hit version 4 like their pro sibling; long-awaited but good news. (More)

and French, German, and Spanish versions Que bueno.

Check those releases; some serious power features in the “home” versions.

Pricing/availability: $149 / $229 for Home and XL, respectively, but no shipping date yet; 4.03 is free right now.
CDM 5 words: SONAR for the home — finally.
Do I want it? I’ve got producer, so no need for the home version, thanks. My head hurts when I try to keep track of different versions of the same software.