Okay, New Yorkers — let’s get together on this one. Giant synth summits have happened on the West Coast (see CDM report with extensive links), but now DUMBO, Brooklyn can be the host to vintage synth madness:

“Bring your ARP 2600s, PAIA 4700s, Moog Modulars, Buchlas, Roland System 100s, Korg MS20s, Octave Kittens, Yamaha CS20s etc etc and pit them against the Macbeth Studio Systems M5 for New York’s first Analog Synth Free-for-all”

Sweet, eh? And there’s free booze, to boot.

But wait, there’s more: an artist who paints cables (you know, as in cords)! The engineer behind the Macbeth synth! Plus a whole week of performances in the DUMBO gallery!

I can’t make the whole thing; I’m actually performing in Williamsburg Thursday night. So let’s tag team. In the NYC area? Drop me a line if you want to join the CDM Team Coverage of the event. And I hope to see you Saturday night. The rest of the planet will be able to live vicariously through us.

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