Numark has posted full details of their US$399-list iPod DJ mixer on their site; check out the product details and specs, or see their PDF product overview and FAQ. Yes, those controls work on the iPod, the dock charges the Pods, and you can upload music onto the iPod via USB. No, there’s no new capabilities that you wouldn’t have plugging two iPods into a DJ mixer: you still can’t scratch, pitch adjust, or beat-match. It’s an iPod; whadayawant? But you can attach it to a turntable spindle. (The horror!)

Compatibility remains a question-mark; definitely new iPods and iPod photos, but Numark refers to these as “second-generation” rather than what Apple calls them, “fourth-generation” or “click wheel” iPods. Go figure. Numark also offers this helpful advice if you’ve got a competing player: can you use it?

Answer: Absolutely. You can use any MP3 player by using the headphone jack on your player and plugging into the iDJ’s RCA input on the unit’s back panel. You will also need to use the MP3 Player’s controls to navigate and play songs.

They’re joking, right?

Numark tells CDM they expect shipping in volume to begin late September. So you can give them as gifts for Columbus Day, not just Christmas.