Who doesn’t have a kink for vinyl?

If you’re plugging in a turntable, you’re going to want to amplify it properly. Unless you want a $500 tube amp, something like the US$60 ART DJ Pre II should fit the bill. Aside from the new name (its predecessor was called the “Phono MicroPRE” but I guess kids don’t know what phonographs are), this box includes other enhancements and plenty of hi-fi audiophile features for tweaking your sound.

Just want to plug directly into your computer? ART has a USB model, the USB Phono Plus (US$119). Phono “Plus”, indeed: line and digital ins are provided, as well, making this an ideal portable interface for switching between turntables and other inputs.

ART’s pre’s have traditionally sounded great without having high-end prices, so this looks like good news. Both products become available in August.