Reader Dave Chalmers sends us a link to his blog; he writes:

It is a collection of tips and tricks aimed at the practicalities of doing live video on no money, but it is very applicable to VJs too, as it discusses playback formats, projector setup, etc. etc. This is all based on my own experience of doing dozens of live video events, and I am trying to pass some of that experience back to others.

Live video on no money . . . that sure sounds familiar! is in fact a terrific practical resource, and a reminder that practical info and affordable is truly essential. (Uh . . . I am sorry about all that coverage of $5,000 video mixers, okay?)

Speaking of practical tips, here’s mine for the day: S-Video connections on PCs are problematic, as I discovered the hard way the other night. It seems many video matrixes/mixers have cable termination issues, so that when you plug a laptop into them, like my Toshiba, the video card doesn’t recognize that it’s been plugged in and won’t turn on the video out port. I found that setting up Display Properties manually did nothing, but bizarrely, plugging into another device’s video in worked like a charm. (If anyone has another explanation, let me know.)

Anyway, Dave, thanks for the site — we’ll be reading. There are absolutely all kinds of live video events out there, from religious events to concerts. And increasingly, some of these may tend toward VJ skills, as well. If you can keep it cheap, you can throw some imagery in with the music.