Reason 3.03 is a maintenance update to Propellerhead Reason, but there’s reason (excuse the pun) to pay attention:

Better performance: One of the things we like about Reason is that its code is rock-solid. Reason 3 added various performance enhancements; 3.03 adds more.

TranzPort and Ozonic Support; SDK for Remote: Reason 3 has the kind of hardware support we all dream of: plug in your hardware, and you’ve got instant control over what’s on-screen, without lots of fiddly configuration. Unfortunately, hardware support in 3.0 was limited. Now the TranzPort wireless DAW control and M-Audio’s Ozonic are supported, and the release of an SDK should mean more hardware support is coming.

For more on Reason 3, see my review for (It’s just as relevant to PC users; I run Reason on both platforms.) I complained about the limited hardware supported by the ultra-cool Remote feature, so the SDK and additional hardware support are good news.