Interactive music man Amit Pitaru is the creator of the Web sound toy Sonic Wire Sculptor:

Try Sonic Wire Sculptor on your Mac/PC browser

Thanks to Tim, who notes: “I saw it and got to play with it at the ICC gallery in Tokyo last year and on a video projector and touchscreen; it was great fun! The web version is pretty cool, too.”

Sculpting sound in your browser with virtual 3D shapes, complete with optional tablet input? Very cool. But even cooler is the tools behind the magic (mostly developed by Pitaru himself), which also drive a lot of other interactive music tech discussed here on CDM and on sites like Pixelsumo. The system was built in the free development environment Processing, but with some key add-ons:

JSyn, standard soft synth for Java

SONIA, sound library for Processing that using JSyn for lots of cool audio/FFT capabilities inside Processing

Wacom support for Processing

Got all that? Now, it’s way too hot in most of the Northern Hemisphere, so why go out? Sit at home and create new musical interfaces! Let us know how it goes.