Analog synth emulation watch continues: We’ve been waiting some time for a VST/AU Windows/Mac version of Way Out Ware’s superb ARP 2600 emulation, the TimewARP. (Currently only for RTAS/TDM, making Digidesign fans happy.) They’ve been promising it for some time; now inking a new deal with M-Audio for distribution. Now we expect it by mid-August. I can’t wait, because what I’d really like to do is a 3-way between the Arturia and Way Out emulations and a real 2600. Stay tuned.

(You can watch Keyboard take on both the Arturia and Way Out synths, courtesy Francis Preve and Ken Hughes, respectively. The basic verdict was: more extras in the Arturia, more authenticity in the Way Out synth.)

See this week’s earlier news that Way Out’s rival Arturia had joined up with Yamaha for distribution. And yes, I’m also waiting for a Buchla emulation!

Update – Way Out Ware Responds: Jim Heintz, founder of Way Out Ware, writes us with a definition of just when “soon” will be. “We are getting very close to full release (boxes and all for retail) with M-Audio, and it sure is exciting. We expect the AU/VST/RTAS/Standalone Mac and Windows release to be available in mid August.”

Stay glued to CDM and we’ll let you know when those copies arrive. Thanks, Jim! Can’t wait! Especially since, unlike the original ARP, your ARP fits into my apartment and is easily transportable on the NYC subways! -PK