I asked for more truly useful music widgets, and did reader Justin Maxwell ever respond — a huge list of stuff here:

BPM Widget Tap tempo and get BPM

Audio Calculator BPM conversion <-> milliseconds (as observed here previously

Chord Reference Another guitar chord reference, with especially slick graphics

ittyBittyMIDI My favorite of these — monitors incoming MIDI signals, perfect for configuration and troubleshooting

Music Calculator Converts between note values and time, with plenty of extras

I especially love that these are (a) actually things I’d use and (b) make sense as a widget rather than a full app. (For an alternative approach, of course, there’s still a widget that can create annoying bass grooves. (Sounds like create digital music’s evil sister site.)

But, Konfabulator fans, these are all Mac-only Dashboard widgets. Where are the Konfabulator gems? Find em, write me about them, or let’s make some of our own.
See also: part I.