CDM’s resident expert in indie music Atariboy is back with still more selections from the world of indie music. Get those headphones ready. -PK

Here we are again. The third installment of dithered is the new black, albeit,
3 weeks late 😛

I like albums. I like the end to end experience instead of just listening
to a bunch of single tracks. So if a blog came along offering a new free album
a day, I’d be all over it. Ooohh [a
jumps all over it*

Speaking of jumping, there is nothing like some disco to
get you up. So from
the above blog, I must point out Cuebism’s
Circle EP
Discofunkcut-upalicious! (and so is the CD cover art)

Fellow Melbournian, Terminal Sound System is working on a new album (correction,
3 albums!)
at the moment and has 2 really nice samples [1 & 2].
In a similar vein his EP that I found a couple of years back.
I like his description so much,
I’ll just quote that: “Shredded free-jazzisms and glitched-up freeform dub,
like some kind of freebase way-too-obscure art wank film soundtrack, sinister
and gleefully irritating.” Yep…
thats it 🙂 Direct link from – .zip.

a community radio station coming out of the University of Washington has
really nicely embraced podcasting (for a radio station). They have
2 podcasts – 1 is for sets of full length songs from independant artists in
the Pacific Northwest area (USA) [feed
and the 2nd is for recordings
of in-studio
from artists from a variety of artists [feed
– The first one being from the Boom
Bap Project. Ed: KEXP is great; my other favorite West Coast radio station, KCRW, has also gone to podcasting, but sans ANY music. Damn music industry lawyers. -PK

While not music, another radio station doing good things with podcasting is
ABC Radio National here in Australia. They offer podcasts of a lot of their
such and audio documentaries and interviews to book reviews and law advice.
Check ’em out.

Let me know if you have any more suggestions, especially other radio stations
that are embracing podcasts and proper audio downloads. That is, not
annoying crappy Real Audio streams for example.