Bored with keyboards and drum pads? How about light-sensitive photocells with customizable control options, all in a spacey case that looks like it escaped from Sun Ra’s Arkestra?

Tony Amendolore of ElectroKraft has a new MIDI controller creation he calls the Lunar Module:

  • Multiple photocell “portholes” light up blue for feedback; use as a Theremin-like control

  • Push-button controllers can be used in combination for controlling effects

  • Send MIDI messages like program/bank change, notes, transposition, or all notes off “panic”

  • Customization options, before or after purchase, for controller options like pitch bend, sustain, modulation wheel, etc.

  • US$249, free continental US shipping, each handmade

  • The idea is, you hook the Lunar Module up to your existing MIDI hardware and/or computer and take advantage of the alternative control options. Looks quite nice, and the price is about right, knowing what these parts cost. Tony also offers an unlimited lifetime warranty, which is more than you can say for most music manufacturers.

    Thanks for the heads-up, Tony!

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