Music videos with actual live video? That’s so expired. Wired: using Flash to create interactive visuals to listen to while you play a track. That’s exactly what our tech-savvy friends in Boston band Freezepop have done (the same folks who I noted have a PlayStation version of themselves and jam live with their PS2s:

Fancy Ultra*Fresh

Kind of makes you want a hip, anime version of yourself, doesn’t it? The good news about Flash, by the way, is that the Macromedia – Adobe merger isn’t likely to threaten Flash — it’s probably why Adobe bought Macromedia in the first place, as Macworld’s Philip Michaels muses. That’s a good thing, though I sure wish there were one killer interactive app: I’m a musician, and I have to deal with Max/MSP, Flash, Director, Processing, Quartz Composer, etc., etc., all with slightly overlapping — but never complete — feature sets.

Er, anyway — hire a starving Flash artist and your band can look cool. Unless there’s a starving Flash artist already in your band, the probability of which is surprisingly high.