Legendary game developer Jeff Minter, the Llamasoft founder behind vintage classics like Tempest 2k, has had musical visualizers on the brain for some time. Now, he wants to take “retina-searing” visuals with music to the next left with Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 console. His latest light synth, Neon, will even be bundled with the machine. If you’re impressed by the low-res, basic visualizer in iTunes (hey, Apple, when you going to update that), wait until you see Neon. More coverage has emerged since we last covered this story:

Screenshots, hard drive-eating movies, and info on the Neon platform [Llamasoft]

Interview with Jeff Minter, Neon creator [Guardian Unlimited]

In the meantime, I’m focused on creating new visuals with Apple’s Quartz Composer (still learning that) and Jitter 1.5. Because really, what is music without something to trip out to?