It’s summer, and that means time to put aside productive things (like trying to sort out Logic’s Environment or fathom advanced programming in Reaktor) and veg out in front of the idiot box. CDM proudly presents the greatest synth-laden movies of all time, in no particular order. The envelope please . . .

Revenge of the Nerds — brilliant because of its dated, cheesy 80s synth band?

WRONG! Revenge of the Nerds isn’t idle fantasy; it’s an accurate portrait of your real life: nerds get fancy synths, nerds play sexed-up FM digital synths and electronic violins, nerds get some lovin’. And the sweet digital sounds master film composer employs to great effect in his score? Why, coming into style now more than in 1984, of course. (Witness Operator and FM7.)

Oh yeah, that and the DEVO-esque yellow suits are pretty damn hot.

More movies next week . . . send in your faves!