I’m pleased to announce a new feature here on CDM, linking the site to the UK-based print publication Computer Music. Create Digital Music Downsampled will be a new monthly feature in the print version of Computer Music, each month featuring a major theme I’ve covered here on createdigitalmusic.com.

The topics come straight out of CDM, but with several advantages: 1) you get a snapshot of a lot of different topics all at once, 2) you can read it on the bus and in the bathroom (or if you prefer, “in the loo”), and 3) I get copies of Computer Music without paying a punishing $15 at my local Manhattan newsstand. The online Downsampled is where things get fun, because it means that links on these issues will all be centralized — and typically with additional follow-up coverage.

All of this is thanks to CM’s editor Ronan Macdonald. It’ll be nice to make my debut on the other side of the pond. (US readers know me from Keyboard, Macworld, and soon Make, and I’ll still be writing for them of course — especially as you can’t convert pounds to dollars and still have them be worth anything.)

Anyway, a shout out to the readers of Computer Music! If you found the site through CM, be sure to register and leave a comment saying hello or drop me a line.