Theremin playing is a growing global phenomenon; more proof comes to us from Singapore. I’ve already done a brief roundup of leading women of the Theremin; Shueh-li Ong writes us to say that she’s known as “Singapore’s only diva of the Theremin.” You don’t have to be in Singapore to hear her, either; she’s touring the United States. Info on the tour and her CD (including sound samples):


The music sounds great; unique, driving electronica. (PR description: “Disparate musical souls meld in Shueh-li’s exotic world where classical
meets, ethnic, cyber, rock and funk soul.”) She’s already got a Dallas, Texas date and other tour stops through the USA for the next “two and a half years,” she tells us. I’ll post any updates. This would certainly have pleased Leon Theremin today on his 109th birthday, since his great mission in life was training and inspiring young musicians of all kinds on his invention.

Thanks for writing us! (Any other Theremin divas and maestros out there, do say hello!)