Now that this time I actually did my homework, more on Fabienne Serriere, the talented sound hacker who’s given us the two-part tutorial on custom MIDI control and Csound (see previous post.)


“multichannel audio specialist and futurist fabienne serriere (aka fbz) is a franco-american software, hardware and embedded interaction designer. she believes in a gorgeous technologically morphable future. her interests include hardware hacking, wearable computing, and large scale music system design. she currently resides in paris, france.”

And she’s got a fantastic backlog of projects:

Audio torrent of speech on pervasive multichannel; see also speech description
Projects page including hacked wireless speaker (pictured), circuit-bent / custom “dj mixer” for audio clips
Sharing keyboard and mouse cross-platform (not music-related, but something I was just about to work on).

Yet another addition to CDM’s all-star audio hall of fame. Fabienne, if you’re still there, feel free to expand. And I promise never to confuse Fabienne and Fabian again. Good grief . . .