To those of you from Mississippi, Louisiana, and other areas hit hard by Katrina, if you’ve got Web access and reading this, we’re thinking of you.

It’s especially important for the music community to come together to help each other out around the world. Musicians often lack insurance, and are especially vulnerable financially, as all of you know. As Music Thing points out, musicians like every other part of the New Orleans community are suffering:

Katrina silences legendary jazz city [Chicago Tribune; free registration required]

Most often, what organizations need is simply money and time. Papers in the U.S. are saying unfortunate things like “Our Tsunami.” Of course, the reality is we’re all susceptible to disasters, from New Orleans to New York to Jakarta to Capetown. Here are some of the organizations looking for help; those of you overseas may have suggestions for international sites, so please just hit comments.

United Way
Second Harvest