Here’s the latest of the must-read links online:

Earbuds = ear damage? Portable player use could cause rise in hearing loss [Times Online via Coolfer]

Digidesign seal of approval. Digidesign qualifies new Windows XP setups with Mbox and 002 — `bout time. [Sweetwater inSync]

Budget Mac audio editor. Sound Studio 3.0 beta now available: “Felt Tip Software has begun beta testing version 3.0 of Sound Studio, their audio recording/editing application for Mac OS X. Version 3 adds support for Audio Units, AAC encoding, MP3 encoding . . .” [KVR News: Main]

Circuit-bending book: Retro Thing examines Reed Ghazala’s new book The Art of Circuit Bending. (My take: I think there are enough Casio synths to go around before circuit bending destroys all the “pristine” models.) See also: Monday’s circuit bending roundup on CDM.

Convoy, baby! The inimitable Tom examines a Virtual CB Radio simulator. [Music thing]

Rock Gods of Mobile Phones. Also from Tom, also brilliant: “The Handydandy are five Austrian geeks with mobile phones. They connect the phones to laptops via bluetooth, and the laptops generate the music. As usual, the video (complete with cardboard guitar smashing) explains it better.” [Music thing]

Recipes for Digital. Analog virtuoso Robert Manning, Jr. (Moog Cookbook, Beck, etc.) shares some non-analog tips in The Digital Cookbook []

Asteroid Wanna-be. Apple still hasn’t delivered their GarageBand audio interface, but that hasn’t stopped this knockoff. [Harmony Central]

Blog-o-meter: Blog that’s most obsessively posting this week? Easy: this week’s award goes to the new MatrixSynth!

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