There’s now not just one but two drum machines for the Sony PSP handheld game system. The new PSP Rhythm Composer is a simple drum machine with a Roland TR-style interface:

PSP Rhythm Composer for PSP [ matrixsynth ]

In the meantime, PSP Kick has a new Flash-based Website, though it’s more Flash, less substance. On the bright side, they’ve got new forums up, and promise upcoming sound packs and skins. (See previous story: PSP Kick)

So the PSP homebrew community has come up with two drum machines while the Nintendo DS folks have come up with squat. (Any leads, anyone?) On the other hand, these are basically fun toys; the Nintendo Game Boy and GBA platforms have real tools for music like LSDJ and Nanoloop; Nanoloop’s GBA version runs quite nicely on my DS, in fact. Not to mention, the cost of one PSP buys you about 10 mint-condition Game Boys, each with fat-sounding digital grunge.