Thousands of musicians and colleagues around the world continue to remember Bob Moog today. As I observed today on Gizmodo, it’s hard to find a picture of Bob alone. He’s always got a smile from ear to ear, and a musician or colleague (or two or three) in his arms.

Music technology writer colleagues of mine are all wondering what shows like AES here in New York this October will be like without his presence. Public relations veteran Marsha Vdovin recalls how surprised she was when she saw the “father of synthesis” busily helping set up the Moog booth at a trade show. He was always humble, always hands-on as a representative of the company he built, from his first Theremin models to today’s latest Voyager keyboards.

To get a sense of Moog’s infectious love for his instruments, just check out this video interview from our friends at (Disclosure: is a CDM advertiser.) CDM contributor Lee Sherman just ordered a Rack-Mount Edition Moog Voyager; can’t wait to hear the music you make with it, Lee. Here’s Bob talking about his instrument:

Video: David DaVinci interviews Bob Moog [AudioMIDI]

Our friend James of Reflex Audio recalls that Bob Moog inspired him as he started his own music maker; Bob told him “It’ll be hard, but do it if it’s what you love.” [see Retro thing

The terrific synth blog Matrixsynth has been reflecting on Bob Moog for several days now; here are some of the latest links from that site:

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Associated Press on Moog’s death and legacy
Moog, toolmaker for musicians, talks about why analog is coming back (link + commentary at Matrixsynth)
Video of Moog with Jean-Jacques Perrey (see also Perrey’s own site)

I’ll continue to collect memories and thoughts, for anyone who wishes to send them.