First vinyl, then 8-track, then tape, then CD, then MP3, now . . . Dashboard widget?

Yes, you heard that right. Sexohol is releasing its album Enjoy as a Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X. It’s free, and includes pictures of the lovely couple in the band plus lyrics. Only downside is you have to be connected to the Internet to listen to the music streaming. “But, Peter!”, you say, “I need to feel the hot loving of Enjoy even when I’m not connected to the Internet!” Sexohol hears you; US$9.99 buys you a Widget you can listen to anywhere. (Music without a live Internet connection? Who wouldathunkit?)

Sounds like the best way to enjoy this band is at their Bacchanalian performances, but if you can feel the love on your Dashboard, more power to you.

The press release is hilarious, so I’ve broken with normal CDM policy and posted it after the jump, along with a picture of bassist Logan for those of you who like young bass-playing boys (Shedonists, Gay/Bi Hedonists, etc.). Just promise you’ll pretend to act surprised when you find out this band is from L.A.

Disclaimer: CDM prints press releases only when they make me laugh out loud. Thanks, Trina!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: L.A.-Based Band, Sexohol™, Releases World’s First Widget Album

BEVERLY HILLS, California—August 15, 2005—Digital music innovators Sexohol™ today released their debut album, “Enjoy!” as a free Dashboard Widget for Apple® Computer’s revolutionary Mac OS X Tiger 10.4. The free “Enjoy!” Widget Album lets music fans listen to any of the 12 songs from “Enjoy!” whenever connected to the Net, while providing lyrics and photographs from the CD. The full version, “Full Enjoy!ment”, lets fans listen to the album without an internet connection for just $9.99.

“We’re big fans of widgets,” says Roger Quickly, lead singer and guitarist for Sexohol™. “We’ve tried thingamabobs, doohickeys, and whatchamacallits, and frankly, they’re over. Have you tried to code a thingamabob lately? The dealybop syntax is so twentieth century.”

Sexohol’s co-lead singer and bassist, Golden Delicious, sees Widget Albums as the wave of the future. “Our Enjoy! album was added to the iTunes Music Store just over a week ago, but online buyers say they miss the full CD experience. Our attempts to squeeze a physical CD through an ethernet cable failed, so we did this instead.” She then adds, “And, oh yeah, with our tradition of innovation we thought it important to be first.”

Roger describes the innovative technology behind the Enjoy! Widget Album: “If you don’t own any of our songs, the widget streams them from the Net. But if you’ve bought our songs from iTunes, or copied them from your Enjoy! iPod shuffle or CD, tiny widget elves find and play the local copies. It’s all done by widget elves.”

Apple’s easy-to-use Dashboard environment let Roger and Golden create the widget themselves. “Usually, I’m not attracted to Unix,” explains Golden. “Something’s, you know… missing. But it’s a real pleasure working with Tiger’s tools. Rrrowwwrrrrrrrr.”

Pricing & Availability
The Enjoy! Widget Album, which streams songs on demand, is a free download. The Full Enjoy!ment Widget, which bundles the 12 songs into the widget, costs $9.99. Both are available immediately at the Sexohol website ( and require Mac OS X TIger 10.4 for Macintosh.

About Sexohol
Sexohol first achieved international recognition with the groundbreaking release of their album Enjoy! on iPod® shuffle. Sexohol is an innovator in the exploding field of digital music technology and is dedicated to providing high-quality hookup music for America’s Hedonists and Shedonists. Sexohol appears exclusively on Satyrrific Records.