Here’s a quick look at new products that are now on their way to you:

Orchestral Sound Libraries: IK Multimedia’s massive Miroslav Philharmonik is now shipping, as of today. (Why does that give me images of cellists being packed in crates and loaded on container ships?) Added reason to buy it now: introductory price of US$499 / $349 crossgrade. [previously: new stuff from IK, new virtual orchestras at a glance] And don’t forget, MOTU’s Symphonic Instrument is shipping, too. [MOTU site]

Sibelius 4 is shipping; I just got my box Monday via UPS. Finale 2006 has been out a couple of weeks. Composers, fire up your scores. (Can’t wait to score some new piano music in Sib 4, myself!) [previously: what’s new in Sibelius, what’s new in Finale

BIAS Peak Pro 5: The veritable favorite Mac audio editor gets a long-awaited update with a focus on mastering features. I’ve been remiss in covering this, I’ll admit. Any of you getting the new version? Drop me a line. [BIAS site]

Also shipping now: Native Instruments’ Kontakt Experience, Minimax ASB hardware from Creamware, HALion String Edition 2, and the Cycling `74-distributed Lemur, among others.

What boxes have shown up at your compound lately? Let us know.